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A group of elderly ladies start on online store, selling things like cookies and hand-knitted sweaters. They call it Gramazon.
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What if Captain Marvel spends her free time running a Flerken shelter trying to find homes for abandoned Flerkens?

Okay, I'm hooked und es wird wohl doch noch einen größeren Mastodon-Account als diesen geben^^

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the phrase "identifies as" with respect to gender is, in every scenario i can think of, unnecessary and potentially shitty. the word you're looking for is "is"

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PSA and reminder:

The terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racially charged. Stop using them.

Alternatives depend on context: allow/deny, permit/prevent, approve/reject, pass/block. And so on.

"But it's tied to darkness being scary and light being friendly!"

So is racism.

"You're just virtue signaling!"

I'm repeating what Black folks (and even some PoCs) have said multiple times already, about _their own lives_.

Jump-start your own research at github.com/sublimemarch/so-you

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Hey crowd, I could use your advice:

I'm looking for video chat software to communicate with a dear person on the other side of the globe.

I have a pretty old Android phone and so far, I'm using Signal, but it's rather annoying - the video keeps getting stuck and the voice is often very hard to understand (robotic sound, and sometimes words are just getting left out completly) even in audio-only calls.

Which videochat apps do you use on older Android phones and why?

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Okay, okay, I finally jumped on the Mastodon hype train!^^


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